Healing and answers during a Past Life Therapy session

During a Past-Life regression I regress people back to typically an earlier time in their current lifetime or a past life. I ask for the appropriate information to be revealed so the person can be helped in this current life time. After looking at these past life experiences I ask the person’s subconscious to come forward and I find out what the purpose was of the scenes we were shown and I ask it the questions my client has written down prior to the session. The subconscious knows everything about the person and has access to all accumulated human experience and knowledge.
For someone like me, very curious about other levels of existence and all the life that exists besides the obvious physical, doing these sessions is very rewarding. I get to explore different worlds and get answers on how things function ‘behind the scenes’.

I had a client who had had several benign tumors removed from her fingers and knees and she wanted to know why they kept coming back. Her subconscious told us that the reason she was growing these tumors was because she was linked with a carcinogen energy that is prevalent in North-America, added with anger and frustration she was holding on to. I asked her subconscious what would be best for her and it responded ‘to disconnect her from the carcinogen energy and to release the anger and frustration through forgiveness. It proceeded to do this and said it would be working with her during sleep, for next 5 or so days. I spoke with her a few weeks ago and since the session which took place in 2006, no tumors had appeared. To me this implies that disease is a way for the subconscious and the body to communicate that there is something out of balance. This awareness could shift one’s perception of disease from feeling like a victim, to a better understanding, communication and appreciation of the body. Often, once the message is integrated, there is no need for the disease to remain.

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