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'The Boy Who Knew Too Much' by Cathy Byrd
a HayHouse book
I had no idea.. of the miraculous adventure I was about to embark on when Cathy Byrd hesitantly stepped into my office where we were going to have her experience a 'QHHT' session: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, Dolores Cannon's method for Past Life Regression. Cathy had contacted me because her son Christian Haupt had been telling her about the memories he had of a life as baseball legend Lou Gehrig. Coming from a Christian background, Cathy wasn't familiar with the concept of reincarnation, and after not getting any satisfying answers from her church's pastor regarding her beloved son's experience, a dear friend suggested she'd go see me for a regression.
Cathy's initial hesitation faded quickly when we discovered there was an instant ease and liking present in our interaction and what followed were 3 extraordinary sessions in which we found Cathy in a life as Christina Gehrig, Lou Gehrig's devoted mother. The sessions yielded a large amount of detail about the Gehrig's lives, which Cathy courageously fact-checked with still living relatives and friends of the Gehrig family for accuracy, and which ended up becoming a crucial part of 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much'; a mother's mind-opening journey in loving and understanding her son. Buy the book Cathy's website

Cathy Byrd & Jeroen de Wit